About SnoCoach

Welcome, I’m Andrew Halls, the creator of SnoCoach.

My current focus is to create the SnoCoach app, a mobile app for both keeping clients updated about their progress on the slopes, and a powerful marketing platform to engage clients after the lesson. I have combined my own professional specialties to create the mobile App and the associated Customer Relation Management (CRM) system, configured to the business of being a ski instructor.

Personally Combining Expertise in the Computer and Ski Industries

I have spent a considerable amount of time in instructor clinics which has helped me alot in my own skiing and my ability to connect with and improve the skiing of my students. Turned out that wasn’t all I needed to succeed. I am not alone with the challenges of marketing myself as a ski instructor. The instructor professional organization, PSIA, was excellent at helping me improve my product, the actual lesson, but they did little to help me understand how to build my business. For that, I have dug into my business experience and also learned from leading instructors, all to help me in creating SnoCoach as a tool to improve my own business as a ski instructor.

As I work out the details of the App, I have been blogging here at Snocoach.com. I’ve been working hard to curate the best advice from my experience in building a Computer Consulting practice and the Best Practices of leaders in the Snow Sports teaching field. The blog posts cover a range of topics including, Social Media Strategies, Establishing Trust, Tips to Increase Tips and Building A Brand, Visualizing Your Ideal Client and others.

SnoCoach Keeps Clients In Touch with Their Progress and Brings Them Back for More

SnoCoach will give ski instructors an easy to use tool that records a client’s progress and updates the client with instructor feedback. SnoCoach will also serve as a platform for sending follow-up emails and social media to clients. This gives the instructor the ability to both make the most of every session and maintain communication to keep your clients coming back for more.

In whatever work I’m doing, my greatest satisfaction comes from seeing my clients achieve their goals, whether that means helping them improve their skills on the slopes, establishing a better tech environment for a business or helping other ski instructors earn more business with their own clients.

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