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The 21st Century Entrepreneur Business Model…and why it’s so perfect for Ski-Instructors


I LOVE Teaching Skiing!
I love the daily setting that connects my physical/emotional and cognitive aspects (…Spirit as well). I love the amazing community of like-minded, healthy, outgoing and giving professionals all sharing their passion and love for skiing in a breathtaking surrounding. I love the opportunity to better ALL my own skill-sets daily while helping others do the same. For over 38 years, I’ve come to view teaching skiing (as well as training and examining) as a profession of service and yet hugely cathartic. I truly get back so much more than I 5-29_3


Being a Ski-Teaching Professional is not without challenges. I speak honestly when I say that teaching skiing is not the most lucrative profession. It’s doesn’t provide me with year-round employment and although not-bad wages for doing what I love, living in resort communities ain’t cheap!
The cumulative wear and tear on my body has added up, and I’m really beginning to notice the price my body has paid for a long-career of teaching skiing.
It has brought me to the realization I can’t keep this pace forever, and I see the need for sustainable, year-long income stream that doesn’t rely so much on my body.

I became a fan of Beachbody’s home-fitness and nutrition programs in the pursuit of maintaining my own wellness and meeting the physical demands of a Snow-Sports Professional. I was NOT originally a fan however, of the marketing scheme (MLM) and like many had a biased opinion of this marketing methodology. It wasn’t until I became educated in this 21st Century form of marketing that I discovered I could convert my passion to a profitable business, choose my business partners and work with a GREAT team. As a bonus I have continued to improve my own health and fitness, and I now help 1000’s of Beachbody customers change their relationship with their bodies through better nutrition and fitness.


If like me, you have spent a considerable time in one career path you may be finding it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s time to combine your passion for fitness and wellness with your experience in coaching people to success all while creating a steady and year-round income.
Ski Instructors have the skills and experience to make HIGHLY successful Beachbody Coaches!
I can show you how to successfully leverage the interpersonal and relationship skills you have developed as an Instructor to Individualizing the wellness experience for your current ski-clientele as well as your Beachbody Customers.

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I will help you convert your success of coaching people in recreational-athletic endeavors to providing lasting lifestyle change in a comprehensive and supportive team environment.
I will provide you with unparalleled support in a team environment that is both challenging and fun, and guide you in coordinated team projects in the development of YOUR own team for lasting results.

My team hosts monthly a ‘5 day Sneak-Peek’ into Coaching, where we share what we do, how we earn and what we LOVE about being a Team Beachbody Coach.

Please send me an email at
Or learn more , and enroll in our team at my website

Mastermind Group —Your Access to a Board of Advisors

Imagine having access to a board of advisors of experienced business people and professional coaches that can provide access to tools, knowledge, advice and give you the accountability needed to spur you on to greater achievement. A Mastermind group gives you all of that and more through the mutual support and participation of its members. This blog posts presents the mastermind concept and outlines how you can find or start your own group.

A Mastermind Group is made-up of people who come together on a regular basis to share ideas, provide information, offer resources and give you accountability that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Although the review and discussion of books and other resources can be the focus of specific meetings, the focus should be based on the relationships between the members and not any particular agenda. This concept has been with us a long time from King Solomon’s councilors, Ben Franklin’s Juto Group, Your local Rotary Club, Corporate Board of Directors, etc … The term mastermind was brought forward by Napoleon Hill in the 1930’s. Watch his talk from the thirties. Modern technology through online video chat, email lists and shared notes can facilitate the group, but the real benefit comes from the support of like minded people.

Mastermind Meeting Format

Each group can develop its own format, this is what I found works well for a regular weekly or bi-weekly 90 minute meeting. Each meeting a member is designated the host and another is in the hot seat. At the start of the meeting each member in attendance is given an opportunity to “check-in” and bring the group up to date on their activities and accomplishment over the previous week. The hot seat member will then discuss an issue or idea from their own business or can present an article, video or other resource for the group to discuss. The hosts will make sure that everyone gets a chance to speak and the meeting stays on course. At the conclusion of the meeting each member presents one take-away and makes a commitment for action for the next meeting.

Finding a local face-to-face meeting place and time can be difficult. Using Google Hangouts for group video chat works really well and using a private Google Group to facilitate interaction between meetings through email will keep the group functioning. Attendance is expected. If a member has to miss a meeting they should inform the group before hand. If a member is a no-show an attending member will follow-up to make sure all is well.

Starting/Joining Your Own Mastermind Group

The group needs some structure and leadership. It is important to take the time to write out a purpose or goal statement. The group should be a source for mutual support, encouragement, accountability and confidentiality. Building a community of trust is important to achieve the groups full potential. A group may start out focused on a specific business issue or processes, but many groups quickly expand to all the issues we face in achieving results in business as well as health, fitness and other personal goals.

Set the maximum number of members. A maximum of 8 or less gives each member time to talk and limits the creation of sub-groups. Have a processes to accept new members, weed out members that are not working out and set an expectation if a member is leaving the group they should say their goodbyes. To get started find a like minded co-founder that will share the startup and leadership roles. Each of you invite 3 more people and you are on your way to your first meeting. Many on-line business communities provide forums to seek out mastermind groups, business coaches often organize and facility groups for a fee.

SnoCoach facilitates the launching and ongoing support of Mastermind groups focused on snow sport instructors. Leave a message on our Contact Page and we will get back to you about the next group that is forming.

Business Process Specific CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are tools that support the efforts of businesses and professionals to maintain effective relationships with their clients and prospects. A good CRM fits your business processes, integrating the communication touch points into one view of all your client activity and prompts you to take timely action. In this blog post I discuss the use of to support my consulting practice and the business of being a ski instructor.

Last year I picked up Michael Port’s book “Book Yourself Solid” it is a great resource for building up a consulting and coaching practice.  A compelling idea from the book is to reach out to three people in your professional network each day.  With one contact provide a reference to an informative resource or offer a perspective on a news item.  The next interaction is to connecting two people in your network by identifying a common interest either professionally or for fun. The third interaction is to reach out to someone new in an effort to bring them into your network. Michael makes the point that if you cultivate a network of about 100 people you will keep your schedule full of consulting gigs.  His metrics target consultants that provide business coaching services. These principles can be applied to any professional building up a practice including ski instructors. Setting the pace at three a day should be calibrated for your business and objectives. Successful real estate agents may want to set the pace to something closer to twenty five people a day. You may need to step it up to 5 a day during the season and throttle back to ten a month during the off season.

Cultivate a Fertile Professional Network with Three Interactions a Day

After reading Michael’s book I embraced that process and set the goal of three interactions a day.  I used Evernote, my go-to organizational tool, to keep track of my efforts.  It allows me to capture the essence of ideas, tasks and issues and keep them in front of me with tags and powerful search.  However I wasn’t really keeping up the three a day pace of contacts and many touches were getting lost. Then I discovered This tool integrates my primary touch points: email, linkedin, facebook, calendar events, phone calls and face-to-face meetings.  I then group my contacts by how often I want to follow up.  I was up and running in less the an hour, reaching out to former clients and hot prospects at my chosen pace by the end of the day.

Each day contractually presents me with three people to contact, the complete history of my interaction with the contact, plus a library of templates to help compose my emails. Best of all it keeps score, I’m currently getting a A+ at %200 of my goals.  Early success has moved me forward, I’ve already booked a client directly through an interaction prompted by contractually.

Contractually is overkill for ski instructors business alone. But it illustrates the power of a CRM finally turned for a specific business process.  At SnoCoach we are working on building out a CRM solution focused on the business of being a ski instructor.  Register your email to be informed about the progress of product development and receive a newsletter of tips to improve your business today.

Who Should be in a Ski Instructors Professional Network

Your professional network are the people that can send new guests your way, help you deliver excellent lessons and bring your clients back for more. In my posts I have emphasized past clients they are the ones that will most likely come back for more as well as refer you new business. However the most successful ski instructors have a very diverse group of people in their networks, including mentors, instructors from other resorts, boot fitters, chefs, bar tenders, ski shop techs, guest services agents. Anyone that can help their guests work through problems and enjoy their mountain visit to the fullest. As you start to refer guests to other service providers at the resort, they will be positioned to return the favor and refer you new clients.

Register your email here to get updates as we build our own ski instructor specific CRM and to receive tips on building your business as a ski instructor.