Facebook Insights and Graph Search: Useful Tools for Ski Instructors

Congratulations. You’ve built your Facebook ski instructor page. You’ve built it, but will they come? Check out your “likes.” How many do you have? More important: How many of these likes will become paying students? No offense to mom, dad and Grandma Tillie, but they don’t count. Neither do your non-skiing friends.

Fortunately, Facebook has two tools to help you find potential clients: Insights and Graph Search. Many page owners do not know how to use these tools. Mastering them gives you a leg up on your competition.

Who Likes You, Baby? Finding Your Ideal Student on Facebook

We all have had that great client. One that has brought out our best teaching, compelling us to create a WOW guest experience resulting in substantial rewards for all involved. How do we find more clients like that? A previous post on the Snocoach blog describes visualization techniques to attract your ideal student. Facebook Graph Search offers another method.

Facebook Graph Search


Facebook Graph Search is similar to Google search, with a significant difference: It bases your search results on your previous Facebook activity. Here are some ways to use it to find your ideal student:
Search for other pages your followers like. For example, look at the results of a graph search titled “Pages liked by likers of Snocoach.”

Of course, most of these revolve around skiing, but topics such as yoga, Le Tour de France, and a few local restaurants come up in the search results. Using this information, I can post articles on these topics, or join Facebook groups of people who enjoy talking about this subject matter. Try the same Facebook Graph search using the name of your resort, as well as your local ski town.

  • Discover their other hobbies and interests. Queries such as “countries visited by, books read by, movies loved by, hobbies enjoyed by” can help you narrow your results and target your posts. For example, take someone who loves vintage art. Post some vintage ski posters. Hemingway fan? Post stories about the Papa’s ski experiences in France. Traveler? Post about ski resorts around their favorite destinations.

Facebook Insights

You’ve performed the graph search . Was it successful? Once your instructor page has 30 likes, you can use Facebook Insights. This handy tool lets business page owners see important demographics about their followers. Facebook explains how it works:

To see demographic data about the people who like your Page:

Click Insights at the top of your Page
Click People
In the Your Fans section, you can see:

  • The percentage of people who like your Page for each age and gender bracket, based on the data people enter on their personal profiles
  • The countries and cities of the people who like your Page, based on their IP address when they use Facebook
  • The language of the people who like your Page, based on their default language setting
    -You can compare the age and gender data of the people who like your Page with the same data for everyone on Facebook by hovering over an age bracket.

Here’s a game plan for using this information.
– Define your ideal students. Where do they live? How old are they? What is their highest level of education? Do you have a preference for either gender?
– Use Facebook Insights to determine who many of your followers fit this demographic.
– Research what they like to read, and design content that targets this demographic
– Determine what time of day they use Facebook, and use content scheduling services like Hootsuite to time your posts.

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