Tools to engage your clients — ski more and build your personal brand !

You work hard at providing your clients a great day on the snow. SnoCoach is a free mobile app that allows you to record your guest’s experiences and provide precise personal feedback at the end of the lesson with a compelling and detailed email to bring the guest back to you. SnoCoach follows the PSIA/AASI model allowing you to easily note the clients’ progress, task accomplished, terrain covered, detailed movement analysis, and reward with virtual pins.

In addition to the mobile app SnoCoach offers you a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system as a premium service. The SnoCoach CRM will allow you to extend your engagement with clients through email campaigns and social media. Organizing your off-snow outreach to your clients with the SnoCoach CRM to increase your return rate and request bookings which will increase your income and ability to optimize your client selection.

SnoCoach offers a Concierge service that includes the mobile app and access to the CRM as well as a complete social media launch package. This package includes a consulting session to establish your personal brand, professional photos, setting up your social media presence, and uploading your current contacts into the CRM. You will have ongoing access to an engaging stream of Social Media content that be can directed to your clients. This level of service will allow the busy professional to receive the SnoCoach benefits immediately.

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Senior Skiing

Elsa Bailey is legally blind. She uses an oxygen tank, in order to breathe in Colorado’s thin air environment. But on May 11, 2013, she decided to celebrate her birthday by skiing at Arapahoe Basin. Elsa started skiing when she was 25. While she was not one of those people who popped out of the […]


Staying in Touch in the Off Season

As the ski season comes to an end, many instructors will lose touch with their students. “Instructors” will lose touch. True coaches understand that coaching is a year-round obligation. During the summer, your ongoing communications with your students will solidify your relationships with them. strong relationships = return clients. You Can Learn to Ski In […]


The 21st Century Entrepreneur Business Model…and why it’s so perfect for Ski-Instructors

FOR THE LOVE OF TEACHING SKIING… I LOVE Teaching Skiing! I love the daily setting that connects my physical/emotional and cognitive aspects (…Spirit as well). I love the amazing community of like-minded, healthy, outgoing and giving professionals all sharing their passion and love for skiing in a breathtaking surrounding. I love the opportunity to better […]

Reaching Out To Injured Clients

She was skiing a mogul run. It wasn’t her first, but it was her first time skiing solo. She loved the feeling of freedom and independence. She loved her newly-found confidence. Then suddenly, POP! What is the sound of a popping ACL? It’s a sound of despair, loss of hope, the end of a dream. […]

They’ve Got Brand: These Ski Pros are Doing it Right!

In Kate Howe’s branding video, she gives an example of two different ski instructors with very different brands. If you don’t know the Aspen Ski School staff, you probably don’t know who she’s talking about. However, everyone who did know them nodded their heads emphatically. Why? Because these instructors have created a recognizable brand. If […]


Foiling Fears

Most skiers consider fear a debilitating factor in ski progression. And there are many different fears involved: fear of heights, fear of speed, fear of falling, fear of failing, fear of fumbling or just looking foolish. But according to Kristen Ulmer it is not a question of getting rid of or conquering these fears but […]


Elevating Female Skiing at Jackson Hole

Girly grit taking over from timid turns, trusty teamwork eradicating harrowing hang-ups – just some of the reinventions made possible at Elevate Women’s Camp. With many strong intermediate and expert female skiers lacking likeminded and motivational ski buddies, Elevate offers a networking solution as well as inspirational instruction. Held at Jackson Hole, the camps attract […]

Ski Instructor Brand Development

If you watched Kate Howe’s video on Branding for Ski Instructors, you know that brand logos personify their product. What do you think about when you see the PSIA logo? A document on The Snowpros Website explains that the logos represent the PSIA brand personality, which encompasses the following traits: Passionate Knowledgeable Professional Trusted Friendly […]

What Is Branding and Why Do Ski Instructors Need It?

There comes a time in every ski instructor’s career when they will attend a resort branding pep talk. Kate Howe, an instructor-trainer at Aspen, took this concept one step further. In a video titled Building Your Brand, she talks about branding for ski instructors. Kate argues that in order succeed as a ski instructor, you […]

Tip: Become a Funcaster, Create Memorable and Fun Experiences

This tip comes from the Winter 2013 Issue of the 32 Degrees Magazine from PSIA. In the Article “Instructors Teach, Funcasters Create Experiences” by Eric Rolls. Eric talks about the importance creating experiences for your guests that they find fun and truly memorable. We are encouraged to get background information from our guests to enable […]