Use Visualization to Find Better Clients

We all have had that great client. One that has brought out our best teaching, compelling us to create a WOW guest experience resulting in substantial rewards for all involved. How do we find more clients like that? This post outlines an approach of visualizing your ideal clients and then taking steps to find and attract those clients to you.

Visualize Your Ideal Client

The top ski racers spend time visualizing in their own mind the experience of their next run. They prepare themselves mentally by replaying the upcoming course in their minds, queuing their physical response ahead of time to achieve top performance on the run. Aspects of this same approach can help you attract the clients that you would prefer to work with. Michael Port in “Book Yourself Solid” makes this the first step in taking your consulting practice to the next level. He talks about the importance of understanding how you can identify your ideal client and then package your services and project a brand that will attract and keep them. Better clients, make a better business.

Take a moment to reflect on your best clients. What characteristics do they have in common. Are there common themes? Where do they Socialize? Do the qualities that you like have outward appearances? For example, if one of the characteristics of your ideal client is that they are active and fit, they may exhibit that characteristic by reaching out to the gym and athletic facilities during their resort stay. Common themes may include where they live, what type of business they are in. How they travel to the resort: by private jet and exclusive livery services. Have they brought their families, are they part of a larger group? Are they early in their ski career or long time enthusiasts? Do they share common concerns that you can help them with, such as fear? Do they have a common language or ethnic background? Don’t forget the characteristics that bring the best out of you. Your ideal client should be the type of person you love to be around so you can easily provide that peak experience.

How Do Your Ideal Clients Find You

This is where the mental visualization part of the process can be helpful. Put yourself in your clients shoes, take their perspective then look at yourself and how you are presented to that prospective client. Are you only one face hidden in a sea of brightly colored ski school uniforms or is their an identity that sets you out from the crowd. Have you done anything to attract attention to you and the special product you offer? Is what you are doing attractive to your target clients? If your not sure, take the time to ask some of your best clients. How did they find you? What do they look for from a ski instructor and in their overall resort experience?

Select some key characteristics that you find attract the ideal client to you and distinguishes you from your colleagues. Now make sure that your personal network knows these things about you. Make sure your network has a business card or other items that make these qualities clear. Spend a little time with the ski school booking agents so that they know you and know what types of clients you service best. You may work best with older people that are dealing with physical issues as they age. Make sure people in your network know this and know how to direct clients to you. You might like working with master racers and others trying to achieve top performance on the course. Then make sure the people that run the Nastar race and the high performance tune shop know you are available to coach guests.

Where Do You Find Your Ideal Client

One of my mentors in the business of ski instructing found that he had a lot of success with men in their 30’s, early in their skiing careers that want to better their mates (or at least keep up) on the slopes. He found these clients in boisterous groups in the Apre Ski Scene. If he had a slow week scheduled he could “work the bars” and get a full schedule with a little bit of effort. This approach matched his lifestyle at the time. Now that he is older he has redirected his approach to find passionate high performance skiers. If your ideal client arrives on a private jet, showing up at the departure lounge to see off some of your current guests might give you the opportunity to meet new arrivals.

Going through the Ideal Client Visualization process will allow you to improve how you present yourself and thus acquire more of the clients you like to work with.

Presenting yourself to attract your ideal client is all about creating an effective personal brand. Not sure what your personal brand should be. Signup for our newsletter or return here as I’m writing a series of blog posts where I will sharpen your ability to create your own stellar personal brand.

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