Engage your Clients with an Online Survey

Company’s survey their clients to increase Customer Loyalty, gauge Customer Satisfaction, improve Communications with Customers and spot Trends. These are important goals in your business of being a ski instructor. Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction means more returns and request bookings. Online surveys are easy to produce and deliver and will work for you to open up a dialog with your clients and get feedback you might otherwise not receive. This blog post outlines an approach to reach out to your clients through an On-line survey hosted by SurveyMonkey.

The Secret Weapon to Business Success: Ask

It is deceptively simple. Succesful companies ask their customers and act on the response. They ask at every opportunity: how are we doing, what can we do different, is this what you expected, would you recommend us to your friends and family? Finally, they ask for your business and referrals. These are all questions that you can and should get to during the lesson and many are appropriate for surveys.
An effective survey starts with being clear about your goals. Your client list is probably not long enough to generate “statistically significant” results. This will mean a small number open ended questions that guide the client to give feedback in your focus areas. So your focus should be on questions that generate responses that can provide actionable information in the response.
Goals that your survey can achieve include:
– Reminder of your time together
– Open two-way communications with your guest
– Assess the impact of your brand
– Determine how you can serve your clients better
– Specific feedback on particular decisions your facing

How you Ask is as Important as What You Ask

The most important question in any customer satisfaction survey is “how likely would your recommend the company/services/product to a friend or colleague. This question is known as the “Net Promoter” question. Your promoter will be folks that score a 9 or 10 on a 10 point scale. This score has been shown to correlate with the growth of a business. A mixture of this type of indirect question, as well as a specific open ended questions, will give you information you can act on.
Keep it short. You will be reaching out to your clients in an email, catching them at a time they may be busy and not thinking about their ski holiday. You may only get them for 3 to 5 questions. Mention this in your invitation as well. What has worked for me is the following outline:
– One question that reminds them of the season together
– One question related to how you present your brand
– The net promoter question
– One open ended question
I’ve used Survey Monkey over the last few seasons to reach out to my clients. Many times the survey will lead to a direct question which I can then respond too On year I had the parent an adaptive student reach back to me asking about the reward system I used during the lesson, which in part led to a request booking the following season. This allows me to give my clients service even after the lesson is over. Check out a survey I sent to the parents of my Beavo kids this past season. Skiing With Andrew 2014 Survey.

Online Survey

SurveyMonkey is an online resource that allows you to create surveys that they will host and capture the responses for your later evaluation. The free level allows you to have questionnaires up to 10 questions and 100 respondents. Enough space for to get started with your clients.
You can build all types of questions including ratings, multiple choice and fill in the blank. The site has a database of many questions to select from as well. You can add images and logos to help make it an attractive and identification with you. Once the responses are captured you can review the results and use the information to improve your lessons for next time.
Start your survey at SurveyMonkey.com.

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