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The 21st Century Entrepreneur Business Model…and why it’s so perfect for Ski-Instructors


I LOVE Teaching Skiing!
I love the daily setting that connects my physical/emotional and cognitive aspects (…Spirit as well). I love the amazing community of like-minded, healthy, outgoing and giving professionals all sharing their passion and love for skiing in a breathtaking surrounding. I love the opportunity to better ALL my own skill-sets daily while helping others do the same. For over 38 years, I’ve come to view teaching skiing (as well as training and examining) as a profession of service and yet hugely cathartic. I truly get back so much more than I give.photo 5-29_3


Being a Ski-Teaching Professional is not without challenges. I speak honestly when I say that teaching skiing is not the most lucrative profession. It’s doesn’t provide me with year-round employment and although not-bad wages for doing what I love, living in resort communities ain’t cheap!
The cumulative wear and tear on my body has added up, and I’m really beginning to notice the price my body has paid for a long-career of teaching skiing.
It has brought me to the realization I can’t keep this pace forever, and I see the need for sustainable, year-long income stream that doesn’t rely so much on my body.

I became a fan of Beachbody’s home-fitness and nutrition programs in the pursuit of maintaining my own wellness and meeting the physical demands of a Snow-Sports Professional. I was NOT originally a fan however, of the marketing scheme (MLM) and like many had a biased opinion of this marketing methodology. It wasn’t until I became educated in this 21st Century form of marketing that I discovered I could convert my passion to a profitable business, choose my business partners and work with a GREAT team. As a bonus I have continued to improve my own health and fitness, and I now help 1000’s of Beachbody customers change their relationship with their bodies through better nutrition and fitness.


If like me, you have spent a considerable time in one career path you may be finding it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s time to combine your passion for fitness and wellness with your experience in coaching people to success all while creating a steady and year-round income.
Ski Instructors have the skills and experience to make HIGHLY successful Beachbody Coaches!
I can show you how to successfully leverage the interpersonal and relationship skills you have developed as an Instructor to Individualizing the wellness experience for your current ski-clientele as well as your Beachbody Customers.

photo 2
I will help you convert your success of coaching people in recreational-athletic endeavors to providing lasting lifestyle change in a comprehensive and supportive team environment.
I will provide you with unparalleled support in a team environment that is both challenging and fun, and guide you in coordinated team projects in the development of YOUR own team for lasting results.

My team hosts monthly a ‘5 day Sneak-Peek’ into Coaching, where we share what we do, how we earn and what we LOVE about being a Team Beachbody Coach.

Please send me an email at tjmetzfitness@gmail.com
Or learn more , and enroll in our team at my website tjmetzfitness.com