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The 21st Century Entrepreneur Business Model…and why it’s so perfect for Ski-Instructors


I LOVE Teaching Skiing!
I love the daily setting that connects my physical/emotional and cognitive aspects (…Spirit as well). I love the amazing community of like-minded, healthy, outgoing and giving professionals all sharing their passion and love for skiing in a breathtaking surrounding. I love the opportunity to better ALL my own skill-sets daily while helping others do the same. For over 38 years, I’ve come to view teaching skiing (as well as training and examining) as a profession of service and yet hugely cathartic. I truly get back so much more than I give.photo 5-29_3


Being a Ski-Teaching Professional is not without challenges. I speak honestly when I say that teaching skiing is not the most lucrative profession. It’s doesn’t provide me with year-round employment and although not-bad wages for doing what I love, living in resort communities ain’t cheap!
The cumulative wear and tear on my body has added up, and I’m really beginning to notice the price my body has paid for a long-career of teaching skiing.
It has brought me to the realization I can’t keep this pace forever, and I see the need for sustainable, year-long income stream that doesn’t rely so much on my body.

I became a fan of Beachbody’s home-fitness and nutrition programs in the pursuit of maintaining my own wellness and meeting the physical demands of a Snow-Sports Professional. I was NOT originally a fan however, of the marketing scheme (MLM) and like many had a biased opinion of this marketing methodology. It wasn’t until I became educated in this 21st Century form of marketing that I discovered I could convert my passion to a profitable business, choose my business partners and work with a GREAT team. As a bonus I have continued to improve my own health and fitness, and I now help 1000’s of Beachbody customers change their relationship with their bodies through better nutrition and fitness.


If like me, you have spent a considerable time in one career path you may be finding it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s time to combine your passion for fitness and wellness with your experience in coaching people to success all while creating a steady and year-round income.
Ski Instructors have the skills and experience to make HIGHLY successful Beachbody Coaches!
I can show you how to successfully leverage the interpersonal and relationship skills you have developed as an Instructor to Individualizing the wellness experience for your current ski-clientele as well as your Beachbody Customers.

photo 2
I will help you convert your success of coaching people in recreational-athletic endeavors to providing lasting lifestyle change in a comprehensive and supportive team environment.
I will provide you with unparalleled support in a team environment that is both challenging and fun, and guide you in coordinated team projects in the development of YOUR own team for lasting results.

My team hosts monthly a ‘5 day Sneak-Peek’ into Coaching, where we share what we do, how we earn and what we LOVE about being a Team Beachbody Coach.

Please send me an email at tjmetzfitness@gmail.com
Or learn more , and enroll in our team at my website tjmetzfitness.com

Tip: Stay Close to The Family Decision Maker

I had the opportunity to attend a clinic of the top ski instructors at my resort reflect on building a private practice. One of the tips that came out of the meeting was “Stay close to the Wallet”. On a crass level that is where the tips come from. But as we talked about it, the deeper meaning is it is important to understand who makes the decisions in the family on how vacation time is spent.

With families, more often than not it’s the mother is the key decision maker. The Father and kids may express enthusiasm for your lesson, however, make sure Mom sees your value. If Mom is in your lesson make sure, she is getting the most out of it and facilitate her understanding the benefits other members of the family are receiving from your lesson or those of other instructors. If she is not in your lesson, find time to talk directly to her about the progress of other family members.

Ask and Listen

A major theme of the clinic was to listen to your guests and respond to their requirements and desires. With this in mind ask questions and find out who the family decider on vacations is. Ask leading questions and listen and act on the answers. Talk with her about the goals of the lesson, even if the lesson isn’t for her. After the lesson make sure, you demonstrate to her how her goals were met. For best results make sure you are direct your invitation to return to the family decider.


Find out who the family decision maker is, highlight how you responded to her (because it usually is the Mom) goals and needs, even if she is not in your lesson.

Tip: Deliver on your Brand

We have discussed that your brand is more then a color scheme on your website or a logo , a brand is a promise between you and your clients and prospective clients.

A successful brand will have depth. It is more than knowing a few progressions that will give your typical clients a quick win, but will involve knowledge about a whole sub-culture of the sport and the resources of that community. Work on delivering on the complete package that your brand implies, be an expert. If you find yourself teaching families. Being a source of knowledge on what the family can do after the lesson has real value. Know what great activities are available for the non-skiing members of the family. Knowing that there is a dog-sled tour is one thing, knowing all about the adventure, where they go, what you’ll learn, whom to contact to book a spot, can be that Wow difference.


Create a Wow experience for your students by delivering on the promise of your brand.