Tip: Always ask for that next lesson

There is this sales technique with the acronym, ABC, Always Be Closing. It is good advice for ski instructors as well. I’m not advocating any sleazy salesman speak, or to barrage your client with a constant stream of requests. What I am suggesting is to simply at some point in the lesson tell your client that you would like to ski with them again and ask for that next lesson. Once you get a signal of interest, make a plan with the client to “close” the deal by booking that next lesson. Make it clear, pick a date, and with the clients permission pick up the phone and book it.

Getting That Next Lesson is Like Hooking A Fish

Selling can be a lot like fly fishing. If you tug hard on the line, it will snap, and the fish will get away. The best method is a gentle coaxing that gradually brings the fish in to shore – although sometimes when they are spooked you have to let them out again and calm them down further away.

From an article on Sales at changingminds.org


Like a fisherman, have a plan on how you are going to reel in your client for another lesson.

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