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Want Bigger Tips? Give a Tip of the Day Card!

A small gift and personal message at the end of the lesson creates an atmosphere of greater consideration.

The word “tip” has a variety of meanings. Ski instructors talk about tipping the skis onto their edges, or placing the tip of pole into the side of the bump while hopìng that their words of wisdom earn them a generous tips in the form of financial rewards. The PSIA Tip of the Day Card provides a fantastic resource, a small gift to your client that also creates the desired word image. This article shows how you can take its benefits one step further, and grow your professional ski instruction practice.

PSIA Tip Card Alpine

About the PSIA Tip of the Day Card

Thanks to PSIA sponsor Subaru of America, the Tip of the Day Cards are available at no cost. Order them in packs of 50, and just pay shipping and handling. The shipping and handling price does not increase if you order them in addition to other products from the PSIA Accessories Catalog. The cards come in four different styles:
– Alpine
– Snowboarding
– Park and Pipe
– Nordic
Although the cards come with pre-printed, relevant tips for each discipline, an extra space allows you to write a personalized tip, add you name and contact information and attach you ski instructor business card.

Gifting The Tip of the Day Card

A tip is often a financial reward for stellar service. In other words, a tip is a gift from your student. An article published in the Journal of Applied Social Science supports the idea that giving your guest an unexpected gift increases the likelihood of getting a tip. The article, titled Sweetening the Till: The Use of Candy to Increase Restaurant Tipping, describes why restaurant servers sometimes include a piece of candy when they deliver the check.

The researchers performed studies about this practice and found that customers who received a small piece of chocolate along with the check tipped more than did customers who received no candy. The PSIA Tip of the Day Card is a gift to your students. Use it and reap the rewards.

Making It Personal

You may have also noticed that servers often take the time to sign the check before they hand it to you. Other studies have shown that this too will increase tips. Taking the time to write personalized tips for each individual student shows that you were truly paying attention, and not just calling in the lesson. Elaborating on the pre-printed tips is one way to do this. For example, the skiing and snowboarding Tip of the Day Card provides insights about balance, along with strategies for skiing in bumps, powder and ice. Let’s say you had one of those lessons where the song Wipeout should have been playing in the background. Some of your students might have a desperate need for some off-slope balance training. Add some training resources, and show how they relate to ski specific skills. This is also an excellent time to pitch someone from your extensive network of sports conditioning specialists and physical therapists.

Add Additional Gifts From Your Network

One instructor took the time to reach out to merchants at the mountain village to help personalize his own tip card. These merchants allowed him to add a discount coupons and provided funds to print his own version of the card. With this gift he doubled his tips for the season including a pair of skis one happy client gave him after a great lesson and connecting him with a talented boot fitter.

You do have such a network, right? In my post Five Things to Do Now to Create an Outstanding Ski Season I discuss building up your professional network creating the opportunity for referrals and to enhance your guests experience on the mountain.

The PSIA Tip of the Day Card is just one of the many resources that your organization offers. Keep up with these valuable perks, and grow your following.

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  1. Andrew Halls says:

    This posting is getting a lot of traction. I wonder what other techniques instructors use to increase the likelihood of tips.

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