Tip: Take A PSIA Clinic at another resort

To maintain your PSIA membership, you are required to attend at least two days of PSIA clinics every other year. I found this to be a wonderful opportunity to push the envelope and explore other resorts. I got started on this habit my rookie season at Loveland, when a group invited me on their annual pilgrimage to Winterpark/Mary Jane for the Performance Bumps clinic. What an amazing experience. That resort has long wide bump runs at just about any degree of difficulty to choose from. Giving our clinic leader, Winter Park’s own Bob Barns, an infinite classroom of just the right degree of challenge for each task set before us.


Ski with a different group of highly motivated fellow PSIA MembersExpand your network of other ski professionals
Explore un-familiar terrain, allowing you to respond to your guests resort comparison questions with knowledge
Guided by a PSIA leader which would Cost more then $800/day if you booked commercially
Complete your PSIA clinic requirements
All for less than the cost of a daily lift ticket

This season I’m planning to Explore Crested Butte while pushing my personal envelope on a Big Mountain Clinic. Where are you headed and why?


Expand your knowledge or other resorts, ski with an excellent group of skiers, lead by a leading professional. All for less than the price of a daily ticket. Signup for a PSIA Clinic at another resort.

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