Tip: Deliver on your Brand

We have discussed that your brand is more then a color scheme on your website or a logo , a brand is a promise between you and your clients and prospective clients.

A successful brand will have depth. It is more than knowing a few progressions that will give your typical clients a quick win, but will involve knowledge about a whole sub-culture of the sport and the resources of that community. Work on delivering on the complete package that your brand implies, be an expert. If you find yourself teaching families. Being a source of knowledge on what the family can do after the lesson has real value. Know what great activities are available for the non-skiing members of the family. Knowing that there is a dog-sled tour is one thing, knowing all about the adventure, where they go, what you’ll learn, whom to contact to book a spot, can be that Wow difference.


Create a Wow experience for your students by delivering on the promise of your brand.

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