Tip: Experience the Power of Gratitude

This tip comes from Tina Mackintosh, a Ski Instructor at Boyne Mountain Resort.

In my 40 years of teaching, I have never failed to show appreciation towards a student, no matter what their age or ability. They are as beneficial to my growth as I am to theirs.

Gratitude is my attitude

The Power of Gratitude

According to Robert Emmons, a pioneering researcher on gratitude, gratitude includes two components. It’s a fundamentally positive mindset, where we recognize that there’s some good in the world. Because it’s always directed at something outside ourselves, it’s also a recognition that we’re dependent on others.

There are two types of gratitude: a momentary feeling we experience when someone benefits us, and a more long-term mindset, where we see everything in life as a gift.

In contrast, ungrateful people see life as a burden. They focus on the negative and see everything they don’t have, instead of what they do.


Use the power of gratitude for your student and the opportunities they provide to strengthen your engagement with them and enrich the experience.

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