Tip: Let Your Guest Know How Much You Like Skiing With Them

This tip comes from Steve Trout an Instructor at Beaver Creek Colorado and Cardrona New Zealand. Guest often have the misconception that as their instructor you would rather be doing something else. That is they imagine you would rather be skiing the big challenging slopes or off with your friends. Steve found that when he decided to make it clear to his guests that teaching is his favorite thing and more specifically he liked skiing with them personally, his return business grew. He is currently just about fully booked with return guests and attributes this success to this and other guest centered aspects of his approach.

Good Match

Now not all guest match with you and your style of teaching, but when you do find guest that are resonating with you, make an effort to communicate how much you are enjoying the lesson. This expression has to be truly genuine, or it will be off-putting to your guest. Steve gives his card to new guests that he feels the match is strong and invites them to contact him. When they do reach out, he follows up with the guest with friendly interactions via email and texts. When the guest return to work with him, he makes sure to communicate his genuine joy of skiing with them throughout the lesson.


When you are truly enjoying your time with your guest, make sure you clear any misconception’s they may have about what you would rather be doing and let them know how much you like skiing with them.

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