Tip: Create a Larger Story with Your Client

To move the business of being a ski instructor up a level, you need to deliver an extraordinary experience for your guest. Bringing them to a place when they look back they say Wow that was great! One way, you can give more than is expected and deliver that Wow is to understand and help your guests reach their larger goals. Goals like Health and Happiness.

Help Build a Lifestyle Not Just A Change In Movement Patterns

Michael Shenkel, a successful ski pro shared with me that snow sports instructors are about a lot more than just changing movement patterns, we are enabling a new lifestyle, a mountain lifestyle as a skier or rider. Make the effort to connect for your client how making the change in their skiing today will advance them forward in their own adventure. This involves taking the time to learn what that larger journey is for your client, well beyond taking that new run. It can be as simple as moving beyond techniques on just how to turn the skis, to model eating and hydration patterns that allow them to feel their best.


Help your client connect what you are teaching today into that larger story where they imagine skiing will take them.

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