Tip: Arrange a Special Meeting Place

This tip comes from the Winter 2015 32 Degrees Magazine from PSIA in the article “Go The Extra Mile: 5 Tips For Great Guest Service” by Peter Kray.

It is important to build rapport quickly with your guest. One effective way to do this is to meet your guests early and help them negotiate the challenges of getting equipment and the issues of navigating your resort.

Anne Francis Mattack, states in the article. “I meet them in the rental building before the lesson. Gain their trust before you ask them to follow your lead.” Other examples are to meet them at their slope side lodging, at the bottom of the access Gondola or at the resort bus stop. With your knowledge, you can insure your guest transition to the snow goes smoothly, put them at ease and you can use the time explore their needs and goals for the day.

Meeting them early will show extra effort on your part and can ensure the lesson starts on a positive note. This effort changes a difficult logistical situation into an opportunity to create a bit of magic for your guest.


Meet your guest early and help them smoothly transition to the snow.

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