Tip: Give A Bit More

I am adding a new category of Posts to the SnoCoach blog. It is a Tip of the Week. Each week during the Northern Winter I am going to be posting a small tip to enhance your business of being a Snow Sports Pro. The tips will come from my experience as a consultant, from my interviews of top Pros, writings from others in similar businesses and nuggets from my posts here on SnoCoach. It is my little bit extra for my readers …

Your Generosity will be Rewarded

Do you notice that wait staff at restaurants often give you some candy and put a personal note on the bill? Those smiley faces and peppermints do work! That little bit of extra consideration has been shown in studies to increase gratuities for the server. In the post Want Bigger Tips? Give a Tip of the Day Card!, I reference the studies that demonstrate the effectiveness and show how a “Tip of the Day Card” is easy to do and can achieve big benefits for you.


To increase your own tips, at the end of the lesson give your guest a small token of your appreciate and a personal message they can take away with them.

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