Tip: Make Your Clients Feel Like They Are Important

I saw this quote on my LinkedIn stream: “Managers make you feel that they are important. Leaders make you feel that you are important.” This resonated with the tip I received from Scott Burger a Ski Pro in the Beaver Creek Children’s Ski School. The best ski instructors make the client feel like they are #1.

Honest Approach

You must communicate this feeling honestly. It starts by taking a few moments to learn their name and then taking the appropriate amount of time to understand their goal. Moving below the surface request and teasing out their deeper goals. Then develop a common understanding of what they need to be successful.

It is about paying attention to our clients. Our attention is an important asset. Social Media advertisers and others vie aggressively for our attention. When we focus that attention on our guest, connecting what they said earlier to a new observations, showing that your making detail assessments, they will understand they are important to us.


Pay attention to your guests and honestly demonstrate you feel they are #1 to you.

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