Tip: Let the Pro’s Take Your Social Media Photo

The visual presentation often communicates so much more than the limited amount of text your client or potential client is going to read. Like it or not, they are going to gleam a lot more from that photo of you than anything else on your page or in the email you send. Getting an image that not only puts you in the best light but communicates a bit of your own emotion and story is important.

Team With the On-Mountain Photographers

This tip is from Kevin Foote a ski instructor at Vail and a Digital Marketing Expert.

Headshots are easy…. I let semi-professionals take them (the on mountain photo staff). I subscribe to get all the pictures that are taken for a flat rate; then I send the ones with my clients to them as gifts/souvenirs.

Spend the time to get to know members of the on-mountain photography team. Learn a bit about how the are rewarded and the challenges they face. Think of them as part of your professional network at the resort. Use that knowledge to help the photographer get the best photos of you and your guests. These photos are a great way to memorialize your clients accomplishments one step towards converting them to raving fans. Check out the great photos at Kevin’s web site skiwithkevin.com


Team up with the on mountain photo staff to get the best photos for your social media marketing efforts and mementoes for your guests.

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