Tips From the SnoCoach Twitter Feed

@SnoCoach 1-update yr profile 2-contact old guests 3-get in shape, 4-write season goals down #ski#snowboard. From: @ShredBetter

@SnoCoach Make the initial connection personal & be a resource. Clients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. From: @rchinatti

@SnoCoach – less talk more action; show by doing; keep moving; vocalize with positive tips & encouragement; communicate the joy of skiing… From: @gaburke

@SnoCoach wear old gloves with holes in on a Friday to get extra tips from your guests! #SIA #Lifehack. From: @SIAkaprun

@SnoCoach Get your story on the site and hand out lots of cards! 😉 From: @tcstix

@SnoCoach Follow your passion, listen to your heart and inner wisdom. All answers are found within. Namaste. From: @snowga

@SnoCoach There’s no better reward than positively influencing your students on or off the snow. Glad you are having fun! From: Snowboard_Coach


Communicate your passion to your students in all you do, the rewards will come.

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