Building Your Own Website: Is It Worth It?

I have heard from several instructors that maintaining a website hasn’t been a worthwhile investment of their time. I can understand this, especially if it’s an off-the-shelf listing template, but for me it has been an extremely effective part of my strategy.

I don’t expect my website ( to reel in clients off the web. Its role is an as quality piece of marketing collateral that has provides me street cred. I view it as an organic online brochure, that like my custom business cards, reinforces my “brand” and differentiates me as a professional with prospective & past clients, referrers, and other contacts that send me business.

I use it in maintaining relationships too. I use private pages that I share with clients for them to view and download pictures. I write the occasional blog article that generate as much as 1,000 visits per post. I refer to my articles in custom emails that I send to some of the leading concierges, travel planners, and retailers in the valley.

And while I don’t expect my website to be my cornerstone of customer acquisition, because of the content and it’s links from other publications and directories, it does get me showing up on google and gets my phone ringing.

I put about an hour a week into my site. The big effort was in the one time set-up, but to be fair, it is something I already knew how to do and enjoy spending time on.

Here is an article I just posted, five accessories that have greatly improved my skiing zen… it’s mean to be relevant to anyone planning a ski vacation. I will try to get it reposted on Travelocity and other planning sites.

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