Creating Your YouTube Channel

Ski instruction does not just lend itself to YouTube video. It presents itself on a silver platter. Even better, creating a branded YouTube channel does not require the skills of a Hollywood filmmaker. The YouTube free, Creator Academy tells you everything you want to know about video creation but were afraid to ask. Although ski schools often use YouTube to market their classes, very few individual instructors have jumped on the trend. Now is your chance to get ahead of the game.

Benefits of a Branded YouTube Channel

Is creating a YouTube channel worth your time and effort? Definitely! Here’s why:

  1. It’s Free: Your resort has the financial resources for major marketing campaigns. Most ski instructors do not have that type of budget. Creating a YouTube channel is free. Given that the time spent online is slowly surpassing the amount of time people spend watching TV, a branded YouTube channel is like a free televison commercial.
    2.It Captures Attention: YouTube register about two billion video views per day, and 60 million unique visitors each month.
  2. Video Branding Displays Your Expertise: Are you susccessful at working with fear management, moguls, improving perpetual intermediates, kids, women, seniors? Quit talking about it and show people what you can do!
  3. Video Shows Your Brand Personality: It’s not just your teaching skills that attracts students. It’s who you are!
  4. It Takes Your Marketing Campaign to Global Proportions: This is particularly useful for instructors working at destination resorts. When people arrive at your resort from different corners of the globe, their experience with a ski instructor is hit or miss. Your YouTube channel lets them preview your teaching style. Even better, it’s open 24/7, thereby accommodating all time zones.
    6.YouTube Saves Bandwidth: If you have a website in addition to your Facebook page, YouTube lets you embed video without slowing down customer download speeds.
  5. Social Media Integration: Conveniently located social media sharing buttons sit below each video. Users choose between sharing the link and embedding the video.
    8.Create a Community of Skiers: If you create a channel, not just random video posts, you will build a dedicated following in the skiing community.
    9.Video Is SEO: This is important! When someone performs an online search, quite often, a video appears in one of the top spots. There’s a simple reason for this. Google owns YouTube. Make this work to your advantage. When someone searches for ski instructors at “name your resort,” wouldn’t it be nice to see your name in the spotlight?


Think of your ski instructor channel as a television station that presents a specific type of programming. Your options include:

  1. Videos of Your Own Lessons: Ask a friend to come along as a videographer. Before you post the video, ask your students’ permission. YouTube has a file of free music, which you can use as background.
  2. Videos of Other Instructor’s Lessons: If you admire a particular instructor’s teaching skills, post a link to their videos. They might return the favor.
  3. Slide Shows of Your Ski-Related Photos: YouTube Slide Shows are extremely easy to create. Simply upload your images, and YouTube will give you creative options for displaying them. You’ll also get access to free background music.
  4. Travel-Related Videos About Your Region: Find local videos that are helpful and informative. Smaller businesses, such as independently-owned inns and restaurants, might be willing to share your videos, in exchange for you sharing theirs.
  5. Entertaining Videos: This can include any of the many ski-related versions of the Pharrell Williams “Happy” video, along with clips from Warren Miller flicks and other ski films. Valaiskibum has an amazing channel, complete with a 1978 video of Suzy Chaffee and Billy Kidd skiing with the Empress of Persia!

For Creative Types

The YouTube web series tells a story. Here’s where your creativity comes into play. You might feature an ongoing story about a student’s progress throughout a series lessons. If you’re really creative, make up an engaging story about life in your ski town, and offer some kind of compensation to local actors. This form of marketing has worked really well for companies like IKEA.. The episodes are short – 10 minutes at the most. You are the sponsor of the series, so every episode should link to your Facebook profile. If you can tell a good story, people will keep coming back for more. They might even be inspired to take a lesson from this intriguingly creative individual!

YouTube offers many opportunities to become the star of your own ski show. It’s free and it’s easy. Add YouTube to your branding toolbox.

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